We have listed our campaigns below and our proud to have achieved the saving of one building (St John the Divine, Fairfield) from demolition. We have written a book on the History of Childwall to compliment the website. Further to this we have also written an additional book on the history of Sandfield Tower to compliment our website and our 22 year campaign to save the building. 

Maelstrom has also provided a campaign to save the history Eddesbury, a Grade 2 listed building in Liverpool as well as running an additional campaign on the saving of Woolton Hall, a Grade 1 listed 1700's building. This campaign has resulted in Woolton Hall being added to the Historic England at Risk Register for 2021. A fantastic recognition. 

We also run multiple history websites of local interest and are happy to become involved in any further campaigns to assist abandoned buildings in Liverpool. Please contact us for any further information. 

LIVERPOOL TODAY - Discover the past and present of the city of Liverpool! With over 70 pages in progression, discover something new about the fantastic city. Home to Liverpool 1, historical listed buildings and amazing history from the districts.  


There is so much history within Liverpool. From the Beatles, to the largest Cathedral in the UK. From hundreds of Grade 1&2 listed buildings to beautiful parks and gardens, Liverpool has something to offer to everyone.


The city celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2007. In 2008, it was nominated as the annual European Capital of Culture together with Stavanger, Norway. Several areas of the city centre were granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2004.


PEARSONS OF LIVERPOOL - "After the War Was Over" is the most fascinating publication produced, and its content is unique! In over 200 images, it uses hitherto classified photographs to present a view of the secret goings-on around Edge Hill.


Assembling crated vehicles sent across the Atlantic in the convoys, an army of engineers aided by old men, young boys and women, put together a vast fleet of military might, initially from Canada and then the USA.  


Here, in bombed-out factories and on waste ground around Smithdown Lane, Overbury Street, Crown Street, Queensland Street and Falkner Street, a vast fleet of military vehicles were erected in great secrecy.

SAVE CHILDWALL CHURCH -  Save Childwall Church was a campaign set up immediately after hearing of All Saints Church, Childwall’s plans to build over 60 marked graves for an extension to the Church.


The proposals for All Saints’, in Childwall, involve building a new extension in the form of a church rotunda at the Grade I-listed building and modernising the church hall.

But the plan has provoked opposition among residents in the picturesque conservation area because it will also involve building four detached houses on vicarage land and the possibility of several graves being disturbed in the churchyard.  Objectors said the plans would radically change the appearance of the medieval building. Heavily campaigning, we can now report that this proposal has now been stopped.  


OLD LIVERPOOL - This little book was intended in the first instance merely to advertise a Sale of Work, called ‘Old Liverpool’, in aid of St Barnabas’ Church. It was thought however that it might serve a more useful purpose if issued as a brief history containing interesting and reliable information about the Liverpool of by-gone days.


The Author, the Rev. Richard Postance, is indebted for many of the related facts, to Herdman’s ‘Ancient Liverpool’, Picton’s ‘Memorials’, Enfield’s ‘Liverpool’, Brooke’s ‘Ancient Liverpool’, ‘The Streets of Liverpool’ by James Stonehouse, Dr. Blower’s ‘Mersey Ancient and Modern’ etc.


The book has now been converted in an easy to read website and is a gem that few people have yet seen or even knew the book existed.

ST JOHN DIVINE - Welcome to the new website on the history and campaign to successfully save St John the Divine, Fairfield, Liverpool from demolition. A hard-fought campaign against a unlisted building, yet an important building for the history of Liverpool, and of course a noticeable landmark on the entrance and exit from the main thoroughfare into Liverpool City Centre.


St. John The Divine Church is unlisted and a much-loved church particularly by the residents of Kensington and Fairfield. The Church was built between 1851-53 and built by the architect W Raffles Brown. The building was used as a Church and community centre till 2007. We then learnt in 2008 that there was a very great threat to the Church's future when the church council said it needed to be bulldozed because of its dangerous state.  Our greatest achievement to date - the Church being saved from Demolition!


LIVERPOOL'S LOST PUBS  - The only Facebook Group dedicated to the history of Liverpool's Lost Pubs. Over 14,000 members and over 500 images of Liverpool's Lost Pubs.  The group has received great support from local history groups and has brought together the real lost images of our great Public Houses.

LIVERPOOL CHURCHES - We have set up this Facebook group to highlight the heritage of Liverpool Churches, whether demolished, lost or a present working Church. Hundreds of rare images have been added to the group and heritage views of the interior of the Churches have been added. A very historical group!

THE HISTORY OF CHILDWALL - We've set this Facebook group up to compliment the already successful History of Childwall website. With over 3,000 members and hundreds of rare images of the area, this is a historical corner of Liverpool that has its roots from the Domesday Book.  

THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF LIVERPOOL - A fantastic Facebook group of over 3,000 members. We highlight many historical images and provide links and voices to the past of Liverpool's days gone by. Local districts history, rare images and lots of information on this fantastic city! 

LIVERPOOL'S GRAVESTONES - A newly set up Facebook group to highlight graveyards and gravestones within Liverpool. With some very interesting history, family tree help and rare images of the lost graveyards!

HISTORY OF SANDFIELD TOWER - Highlighting the plight of Sandfield Tower, a Grade 2 listed building in Liverpool. Follow our Facebook group to provide a full overview of our 21 year campaign to save this building! 

HISTORY OF EDDESBURY - A very early Grade 2 listed building designed by James Francis Doyle is still rotting away in West Derby. Now fire damaged, it is another race against time to save this fine building. Our Campaign has been featured in the local press on more than one occasion. What is the future for Eddesbury? 

WHITE STAR LINE (LIVERPOOL) - Take a tour of the history of the White Star Line HQ in Liverpool and find out much more about the White Star Line, their ships and also the story behind Bruce Ismay and the Titanic. 

ST LUKE'S BOMBED OUT CHURCH - St Luke's 'Bombed Out' Church, a War Memorial for the people of Liverpool and a listed building. Find out about the world's first all metal bell frame still in situ in the tower and how the building looked before the bombing! 

WOOLTON HALL - A Grade 1 listed building set in Woolton Village from the early 1700's. Redesigned by Robert Adam and described as one of the finest buildings in the North West of England. It is now rotting away and has been vandal damaged on numerous occasions. A last ditch campaign to have this building restored! 

I have added further publications that I have worked on. These are PDF documents and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. All information is copyright of Jonathon Wild/Maelstrom unless stated.