Maelstrom started back in 2006 where the Proprietor, Jonathon Wild, grouped together several historical websites and campaigns based in and around Liverpool.


These websites have ranged from local historical interest; where detailed research has taken place, assisting in the production of a historical book based on Liverpool in World War 2, and the Proprietor has appeared on national TV speaking on the history of a well-known Liverpool landmark.


Further to this, we are expanding with new content, and are researching on several new projects to highlight their historical importance in the area. There are many areas that are yet to tell their story and their history in time, and we are looking to bring them to light.  Our website content is well known, and has been featured both in the press, and T.V. We have already saved one historical church from demolition and currently am fighting to save another listed building in Liverpool.  We are always in the maelstrom of abandoned buildings.

For more information on our websites, please view the menu pages at the top. We are adding additional websites to this portfolio so please check back soon for the latest information!


We have acted as consultants on historical properties in the North West, advised on the history of Listed buildings, and have provided extensive watching brief reports on the history and change to buildings within Liverpool, and the wider area.  Our portfolio currently stands at 11 websites of local content, but we also run and administer 11 Facebook Groups of which current membership stands at just over 24,000 members.


We are happy to advise on how to start to research on local interest, abandoned buildings, buildings at risk and also how to successfully manage a Facebook campaign.



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We are still expanding and are looking in to consultation at additional abandoned buildings in Liverpool. To raise their profile, to understand their history and to see how they can be amalgamated within today's society and their new use for a building which has previously served its duty.


Contact us on the details below and drop us an e-mail or a call to see how we can help you with your campaign or project.


Jonathon Wild, Proprietor, Maelstrom Group.