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Maelstrom started back in 2006 where the Proprietor, Jonathon Wild, has grouped together several historical websites based in and around Liverpool.


These websites have ranged from local historical interest, where detailed research has taken place, assisting in the production of a hardbacked book based on Liverpool in World War 2, and the Proprietor has appeared on national TV speaking on the history of a well-known Liverpool landmark.


Further to this, we are expanding with new content, and are researching on several new projects to highlight their historical importance in the area. There are many areas that are yet to tell their story and their history in time, and we are looking to bring them to light.


We inspire, enable and encourage people to get involved with local history, whether in the classroom, at college, in the library or at home. We believe the study of history should be accessible to all people at all levels of study.


For more information or to contact us, please use the contact page. For our Campaign Portfolio, Albert James, please click on the link to the right.





ALBERT JAMES is our sister Campaign Porfolio.


These campaigns have ranged from highlighting noted abandoned buildings, through to campaigns to save Graveyards being built upon.

We are happy to help support local campaigns where needed and provide guidance to issues faced within Liverpool. 


Contact us at: www.albertjames.co.uk