B.E.V.E.L. -  The hard-fought campaign to save the grand Victorian houses on Edge Lane, and the community that existed there, in the roads adjoining Edge Lane and Edge Hill. Elizabeth Pascoe who famously fought to the bitter end to remain in her Liverpool home in the face of Edge Lane's redevelopment has said she will never get over her eviction.


Elizabeth Pascoe was forced to leave her home in Adderley Street to make way for the widening Edge Lane. It has involved pulling down more than 370 Victorian houses for a boulevard-style highway, new houses, a community hub and health centre.


Read about the full plight of Edge Lane - how our grand entrance to Liverpool City Centre, once lined with Victorian housing, is now a barren patch of land.


SANDFIELD TOWER - Sandfield Tower is a 3 level Grade II listed building in the south of Liverpool, set back from the main road and lost in time compared to the neighbouring houses.  Now derelict and fire damaged throughout most of the building, it is left to the mercy of the weather  and elements from many of the open windows and part missing roof.


With properties having been identified and prioritised for action, money has been provided by the City Council and Northwest Development Agency to enable the Buildings at Risk Officer to use the statutory powers available.  As a priority building, Sandfield Tower has been subject to such measures. We can only hope that this building is saved and returned to its former glory, standing at the entrance to Sandfield Park. Today, Sandfield Tower stands there unloved.

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